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Our final assessment for the year was conducted yesterday. We hope that you have all acted on your assessment feedback, and found the post-assessment reviews helpful for your revision. O and A Level students… GANBATTE!

We will be with you through to your final paper!


FRANKEL ASSESSMENTS is a programme of structured topical assessments produced – and marked – by our core subject teachers to help pace students for their final exam revision.



This year, we will be conducting assessments for our Primary 6 (PSLE), Secondary 1, 2, 3 and Secondary 4 (O-Level) students. Our teachers will prepare topical and/or summative tests every week to hone our students examination skills, as well as to pace revision.

We have also incorporated a JC2 Practical Skills component for Physics, which will be piloted this year by our JC2 students to prepare them for the re-introduction of A-Level Science Practical examinations.

Each test lasts only one hour, and will be marked and returned, with comments, to students within 3-5 days, or earlier, if email is provided.

First set of assessments begin on Monday, 21 August 2017. To register, please call Centre Admin (6441 8120) or email us.

FRANKEL ASSESSMENTS is designed to help students consolidate their learning in their lead-up to the year end examinations. Please review the topics assessed and schedule below for guidance.












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