Most Challenging O Levels!

MOST CHALLENGING O Level Physics & Elementary Mathematics papers in years!!!

As anticipated by your Senior Teachers, Mr Chin and Mr Tan. Good thing this year we did all our extra mock assessments and had a “light and nimble” conceptual mindset to prepare for the papers.

From feedback to date, most of you would have gotten at least 35-38 of the 40 questions correct for the Physics paper 1. Apart from tricky little Q12, Mr Tang and Mr Chin agree that there were many overlaps between their trial papers and the remaining questions.

Way to go, everyone, just TWO MORE PAPERS and it will all be over! After this week’s Chemistry and Biology Paper 1’s, our long awaited graduation will be in sight. Remember that all of us are just a WhatsApp away!

Looking forward to announcing our Top Student in January!

Also, do remember to tell your Sec 3 juniors about our upcoming Vacation Programme, okay? You have all benefited from it in the past, so pass on the good news.

WOW! Classy paper Cambridge! Truly a game-changer.
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