Vacation Programme 2017


Our 15th Year Conducting Vacation Programmes for Primary, Secondary and JC students!

Since 2002, we’ve been conducting special vacation programmes for our students to prepare them for the challenges of their promotional year. This year’s programme kicks off on the 13th of November and will run over four weeks to the 8th of December.

Drop us an email, or call (64418120) to request a copy of the Vacation Programme Information Pack! This will provide you with information on the topics we intend to cover and the approach we plan to take.

Scroll down to have a look at the Programme Schedule.

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Intensive Revision Course (IRC)

The IRC Programme is primarily aimed at providing exam-bound students (ie: those in Primary 5, Secondary 3 and JC 1 this year) with a comprehensive overview of the main topics covered this year. We find this helps them consolidate their knowledge through an intense period of study and concept application.This programme also provides a positive closure to the year’s academic activities, and will comprise theory lessons, and staggered, structured assessments. Click here to see topics our teachers intend to cover.

Headstart Bridging Course (HBC)

The HBC Programme, on the other hand, serves the learning needs of students progressing to non-exam levels of study (ie: those headed for Pri 3, Pri 4, Pri 5, Sec 2 and Sec 3 NEXT year).

This programme aims to help students identify and manage the skills and content required for major topics in their next year of study. For the Science courses, we will introduce students to the fundamentals of laboratory work, with hands-on lab investigations weaved into the programme. Click here to see topics our teachers intend to cover.

Chinese Language Programme

This programme will be ideal for students struggling to make headway in their Chinese Language. Conducted by Mdm Lim, our multilingual and engaging CL teacher and full-time member of staff, we have seen impressive gains in the students under her care. If your child has ‘issues’ dealing with the subject, why not consider using this Vacation period to give him/her a headstart for the year ahead? Click here to see the topics our Chinese Language teacher intends to cover.

IRC/HBC/CLP Schedule

Important to note that classes will run from MONDAY to FRIDAY for a continuous stretch of five days over a week for each subject. Date indicated is for the first lesson in the series.

Remember to call us (6441-8120) in case there are any updates to this course schedule!

In the event the classes have filled up, do let us know your level of interest so we can consider re-running the series. Scroll on down for the Schedule!

Click here for some FAQs about our IRC/HBC Programme!