Teachers & Students

Currently, academic tutorials conducted by experienced teachers remains the core endeavour of Frankel Tutors. We believe in our system of teaching and learning, and we also believe we are an integral part of Singapore’s dynamically evolving education eco-system.

Our core group of 9 teachers work with us full-time, and contractually are bound to work only with students at our Centre. That means we make it our personal objective to commit to the students in our care, and give them our undivided attention, especially during the critical exam season.

Ask our many past students who have come in for those hours of extra consults and who have used our facilities for self-study and discussion groups… and you will know that we walk our talk. Our students come first. Always.

Together with our colleagues who are on a part-time teaching package, Frankel Tutors has a capable and incisive Admin Team, headed by our Centre Manager. From preparation of teaching resources to initiating parent-student-teacher meetings, we work as a cohesive and unified team.

Our Students

Students at Frankel Tutors represent a microcosm of local demographics. We have students from all types of schools – independent, SAP, autonomous, government and even from religious schools. Our current batch of students are from the schools listed below: