Onwards Term One!

The first school term has started in earnest, and all the classes we have meticulously been preparing for through the Nov/Dec vacation period have kicked off.

Congratulations are in order for our Sec 4 Class of 2013, who have done well for their O-Levels and are now headed to the next phase of their academic career. Well done, all of you! We are all very proud to have been part of your journey, and wish you all the best for your JC / Poly years.

Parents are to note that our Centre will be closed for the coming Lunar New Year holidays from Thursday (30/1) to Sunday (2/2). Classes will resume onMonday, 3rd February 2014. If there are any urgent matters, do drop us a message on our automated voicemail system (64418120) or email us at frankeltutors[at]yahoo.com.sg.

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