New Website!

Hey hey hey… gotta move with the times. Our old website has served us well these past 6 years, but the need for mobile access and frequent backroom updates has necessitated a fresh new look. So here we are!

This site is a ‘work-in-progress’. If you spot any glaring typos or have ideas on how to make it even better, please let us know. As a token of our appreciation, you can pick up your limited edition FT stationery set from the front office.

We have also concurrently launched our own Facebook page ( This page works to update our students and parents about class information.

It’s been a busy month indeed, and now the season to welcome in our newly-minted JC students is at hand. Just as this month has been one of new beginnings for us, all our teachers and administrators would like to wish all of you a “Happy JC Year!” ahead.

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