JUNE RECESS WEEK: Sunday, 15/6 to Saturday, 21/6

It’s finally HERE! The Recess Week is an annual affair, where we close the Centre for a full week in June to ensure “the ground lies fallow” for a spell. We, students, administrators and teachers alike, all need to take stock to reflect on the Semester past and refresh ourselves for what will be a busy Semester 2.

Most classes during Recess Week have already been made up in the weeks leading to the school MidYear Exams. During this week, ALL voice calls will be routed to our automated answering system. If there are any urgent enquiries, do leave a message (6441-8120) or an email (frankeltutors[at]yahoo.com.sg). It’ll probably take a while for one of the administrators to get back to you, but you will get a reply.

Students, click on the image below for your class makeup arrangements. See you all on SUNDAY, 22nd June 2014, when classes resume! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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