JC1 Classes Commence!

Welcome to the Rooster Year!

New years are like software trial packages… there’s usually a ‘one-month trial period’ when we can have a sample of the package’s features, before we dive right in and commit to using it! Well, the January trial period for 2017 is over, and the schools will begin the first set of continual assessments soon. Students, especially those in P6, S4 & JC2, warm up your engines… the year is beginning to start in earnest!

Also coming this February – our new JC1 classes! Classes kick off officially from Wednesday, 15 February 2017. Remember to start the year early with us, as we have to conduct ‘culture-building’ activities to induct you into the way A-Level concepts must be tackled. CHANGE must come fast in order to succeed in A-Levels!

2017 JC1 WEB 2

2017 JC1 WEB

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