Some FAQs about our annual Vacation Programme:

(A) Why do you conduct classes over 5 consecutive days?

  1. Over the years, we know this is the ideal planning pattern for vacation classes due to CCA camps / training, family holidays, etc
  2. Seeing a subject in one intense sitting over the course of a whole week helps students to consolidate learning.
  3. We are flexible in the event students want to split their learning over the course of 2-3 weeks IF we have the same subject class on the week(s) after.

(B) How is my son going to sit through 2.5 hours of Primary 6 Maths (or Science, Chinese, English)…?

  1. As teachers we fully appreciate the challenge of having to keep students fruitfully occupied for this period!
  2. Rest assured, we have planned for engaging activities, as well as short comfort breaks in between the time.
  3. We feel that the positive aspect of this intense learning experience will allow our students to enjoy the class, rather than dread the subject.

(C) We will be away half of the first week, and can only make it for 3 classes that week. Can I split my child’s classes to have him attend over 2 weeks?

Yes, that will not be a problem as we run at least two classes for each level / subject.

(D) Who will be teaching the classes?

All our fulltime teachers have been deployed to take the November / December classes. These teachers will also be teaching the classes in 2017.

(E) My daughter’s school curriculum coverage is rather different from other schools. How?

  1. This year, some of our weekly tutorial classes have been structured around clusters of schools. We can do this as we have core fulltime teachers who can prepare exclusive materials based on what these school clusters are teaching.
  2. The best case in this event would be to first speak to our Academic Director to check what school your child is in so we can set up a unique vacation programme for her.

(F) How will IRC (P5, S3 and JC1) lessons be conducted?

  1. First, the student’s recent school final exam paper will be reviewed to identify areas of weaknesses
  2. We will customise our content to meet the important topics already covered.
  3. Home work will be given to IRC students towards the end of the course, designed to pace revision over final weeks of the vacations. Submission deadline will be end-December for our teachers to mark and annotate.
  4. Students who need to sit for School / JC Supplementary or Provisional Promotion examinations will have earlier deadlines to help prepare for the papers.

(G) How will the HBC (non-exam levels) lessons be conducted?

  1. Our teachers will select the essential topics to be covered in the first three months of the coming year based on the coverage of a typical school.
  2. For developmental subjects like Mathematics and the languages (EL and CL), we will emphasise on concept practice and skill application.
  3. Have a look at the course outlines to see what we intend to cover.

(H) Are your fees expensive?

  1. The vacation programme fees are rated similarly, per-hour, to our monthly tuition fees (average $27/hr).
  2. Saying that, our fees are much more affordable than at some other places, where a 10-hour programme can exceed the 4-figure mark!  😯
  3. As parents ourselves, we believe in the value of good education, and intend to provide it with a gusto!