Exam Fever!

Go go go, everyone!

We are right in the middle of exam season now, and special pre-exam classes have been running round the clock. Students, please remember all the ‘special skills’ you have been taught, and remember also that your teachers are with your 150% through your exam preparations. Please note the following:

(1) Sec 4’s and JC 2’s, keep your engines warm now that Prelim Exams are over. We have plans in the coming weeks to increase the intensity of your prep until you peak for your exams… but all this requires you to do the holding work we have prepared every week.

(2) All students coming in for consults this week… please remember to programme your appointment date and time in your smartphones. Over the past week, some latecomers / no shows have ‘disrupted’ our consult schedules. Very frustrating for your course mates. Please be considerate. Be mindful please that your teachers come in on their days-off to see you for these FOC Q&A sessions!

20160911_112841         20160911_140959

Consult consult consult… work is done… but enjoy the snacks!

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