Caution … CHANGE ahead!

Dear parents and students,

As Centre Director (and a teacher with a 20+ year track record teaching elite students), I have always been one to shun alarmist sentiments. BUT as my teachers and I have told our O and A Level students, we have to be prepared for a challenging set of papers this year, and our first look at the recent 2016 papers have confirmed a trend we have been seeing.

Deeper look at the past 3 years of O Level examinations show a gradual, but distinct, shift towards questions requiring higher order analysis of core concepts. Experienced SG school teachers and their subject HODs have known this for some time now, and that’s why MANY schools have been directing their students to opt for “softer” subjects such as Combined Sciences, POA, DnT & OSIE subs…

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it might limit options (and enhance stress levels) somewhat should a student choose to take the JC (A Level) route.

In short, scoring an A1 now, cannot be achieved through “doing your TYS twice over and spamming school prelim papers“. Any teacher or tutor who says this is preparing his / her students for a very, very rude and painful shock.

Sec 2 students, as you receive your Secondary 3 combination results this week, PLEASE remember that you need to ‘upgrade’ your mindset as you move on to Upper Sec. Things will not be the same, and scoring the distinctions you have been so used to will require work of a consistent and conceptual nature!

Your teachers have all the experience to guide you, and will do everything in our control to ensure you are well-prepared for your examination… such as:

  • spending those extra post-class hours clarifying your doubts
  • planning hands-on work to help you through practical examinations
  • answering your WhatsApp questions through the night
  • coming back on our days-off for consults
  • setting pre-exam mock exams which we will then mark and annotate
  • ensuring a steady supply of chocolates, gummies, and all other glucose-level enhancing, short-term stimulants we can get over-the-7-11-counter    😯
  • … etc…

We will get you to the doorstep of the exam hall… BUT we cannot take the examination for you!

Do have a good break this year-end. Come back refreshed!

Mr Chin

PS: Have you submitted your Preliminary Enrolment Forms yet??? Some of our 2017 classes are already FULL!



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