A-Level Class of 2014


Results described in one word – FANTASTIC!

Congratulations the 8 of you who scored straight A’s for your principal subjects… Jane (RI), Nicholas (NYJC), LiYing (VJC), Niven (HCI), Si Ling (VJC), Jonathan (SAJC), Shaun (SAJC) and Wei Loong (ACJC). Our teachers are just so blessed to have been part of your journey. It was indeed a tough year, but we made it through… together!

This has indeed been close to a ‘record-breaking’ year for every one of you, with a B mean subject grade, and a minimum 2 grade jump. We (we!) know the hard work you have all put in, and know you will all have a stellar future ahead.

Take a bow, Class of 2014!


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